Furniture Shaking Neighbour Has Hi-Fi Confiscated

plymouth-city-council-logo-250x188pxA noisy neighbour in Plymouth, England played his music so loudly that it made his neighbours’ furniture shake. Plymouth City Council confiscated the noisy neighbours’ television and hi-fi after months of complaints from neighbours and the noisy neighbour refusing to use headphones.

It’s always nice to have a relax in your favourite chair when you get in from a long, hard day at work, so if you’ve got noisy neighbours this can be something you’re missing out on.

The nice relaxing evening to wind down from your chaotic day becomes a pipe dream, perhaps never to be seen again.

Noisy-2-Copy1It took months for this noisy neighbour to be dealt with sufficiently; the music was so loud that the policeman who came round to deal with the noise had to wait between songs so his knocking on the door could be heard.

Sometimes the music was so loud that neighbours stayed late at work to relax and get away from the nightmare that awaited them at home, and this is why they had to ensure they had comfy chairs to work from, as this is where they were beginning to spend more and more time each day.

Nobis Furniture offers a wide selection of office chairs that not only support you while working, but they are comfortable too. Long have gone the days where you have a £10 white plastic chair with a small back and a broken wheel.

Companies understand the importance of comfortable, sturdy and supporting chairs. There are many rules, regulations and safety features that chairs need to have and this is because they are sat in so often and for such a long amount of time,

However while at home, if your noisy neighbours are making your seating furniture shake and vibrate, you can bet the cupboards against the walls are shaking too, meaning that things in your open front cupboards and shelving are going to fall out?

logoNobis Furniture can help with this too; they have a full range of storage cupboards. From first aid to metal hazard cupboards, box file and lever arch to general storage, library & art to tray cupboards – we’re sure you’ll find the right solution for your storage needs.  All cupboards come in a choice of colours Beech, Blue, Red, Yellow or Green and additional bins and trays come in a choice of colour too including Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple or Transparent.


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